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2017 Village Green Playground Improvements: Project Manual | Vilage Green Plans

Sealed bids for 2017 Village Green Park Playground Improvements will be received by the Plainfield Park District at our administrative office, 23729 West Ottawa Street, Plainfield, IL 60544. Bids will be received until exactly August 1, 2017 at 10:00 am and then publicly opened and read in in the conference room at the Plainfield Park District, 23729 West Ottawa Street. Plainfield, IL 60544. Bids submitted after the closing time will be returned unopened. No oral or telephone proposals or modifications will be considered.

Proposals shall be submitted on the attached Bid Form and returned in the envelope provided. All bids must a duly executed and notarized Bidder Certification under Section 33E-11 of the Criminal Code of 1961, as amended, on the form provided by the Plainfield Park District. Failure to provide Bidder Certification within forty-eight (48) hours of the bid opening shall be cause for rejecting the bid. No Bidder may withdraw his proposal after the hour set for the opening thereof, or before


award of the contract, unless said award is delayed for a period exceeding forty (45) calendar days.
The Plainfield Park District requires all Bidders to comply with all provisions of the Prevailing Wage Ordinance # (820 ILCS 130/0.01 et.seq.). This Ordinance specifies that no less than the General Prevailing Rate of Wages as found by the Park District or Department of Labor or determined by a court on review shall be paid each craft or type of worker or mechanic needed to execute the contract or perform the work. Potential bidders are advised that a ten percent 10% bid bond is required and that performance, labor and material payment bonds may be required.

The Plainfield Park District will accept the lowest responsible bid, considering terms of delivery, quality, conformity with specifications and serviceability, or may reject all bids without disclosure of a reason. The failure to make such a disclosure shall not result in accrual of any right, claim, or cause of action by any Bidder against the Plainfield Park District. The Plainfield Park District reserves the right to waive irregularities in any bid.



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Prevailing Wage Ordinance

Prevailing Wage Ordinance | Adopted June 2017


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